Cervical cancer mortality

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Using this social approach as a starting point, its imaging can be observed in a particular cultural and geographical context. Furthermore, if we are referring to the Romanian context, the problems of cervical cancer can be generally reduced to the following statistics: in Romania, there are 3, new cervical cervical cancer mortality cases every year; on a yearly basis, cervical cancer mortality are 40, patients diagnosed with cervical cancer, and each year 2, women in our country die because of this condition.

cervical cancer mortality

Compared to the statistics available in other European countries, because of these high percentages, we are currently leading the mortality rates and the number of cervical cancer cases.

Consequently, the emphasis on the etiology of cervical cancer, the prognosis announced by the WHO with regard to our country, the identification of particular categories cervical cancer mortality Romanian women that are vulnerable to this disease, as well as the consideration cervical cancer mortality family planning services and the civil society as real change factors represent working ideas cervical cancer mortality the context of a complex and real problem such as cervical cancer.

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