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Kelly M.

warts to foot

Walker and her team of foot specialists provide top quality foot and ankle care to our patients in Dyer County and beyond. A board certified podiatrist and foot surgeon, Dr.

warts to foot

Walker provides a full range of services to help our patients of all ages maintain healthy feet. Walker is looking forward to caring for those that need her in her home town.

warts to foot

It's a privilege to be back among many that have known and cared for her and her family for many years. As a team, our goal is to work together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in podiatric care.

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To accomplish this we listen to patients to earn their trust and to exceed their expectations for excellent foot care. Walker also warts to foot foot and ankle injuries like sprains and fractures, and deformities including arthritic foot, flat feet and hammertoes. Our modern and comfortable office is conveniently located just west of Ennis Regional Medical Center, and we share their parking lot.

warts to foot

Most treatments for foot and ankle issues are handled right here in our office. Walker and her staff are available each week day and appointments can easily be made via telephone or at our website. New patients can register online, and we accept most insurance programs and Medicare.

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Walker and her team provide top quality foot and ankle care warts to foot our patients in Dyer County and beyond. A board certified foot surgeon, Dr. Walker is looking forward warts to foot caring for those that warts to foot her in her home t Vezi mai mult.

warts to foot