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Share this article Share Angiotensin is produced by the kidneys but does not seem to have any necessary or vital function, so suppressing it appears to have no negative consequences.

Diuretics which help the body remove excess fluid by increasing the amount of urine produced are also used to control it, as are  ACE inhibitors, which help relax artery walls.

Many patients forget to take pills or deliberately stop taking them because high blood pressure causes no obvious symptoms and they feel fine most of the time.

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The tablets can also have side-effects such as tiredness, leg cramps, insomnia, cold hands and feet, dizziness and constipation. People with high blood pressure experience no obvious symptoms and feel fine most of the time Some studies suggest up to half of those prescribed pills for their blood pressure do not take them, or only take them occasionally - meaning their blood pressure remains high.

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A vaccine that only needs to be given a couple of times a year could address this. The new jab contains fragments of angiotensin 2 DNA - when these are injected into the body, the immune system responds by producing antibodies that will destroy the damaging hormone.

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In tests, scientists gave rats with high blood pressure three jabs containing either the real vaccine or a dummy one. Cancer genetic counselor new jersey results, presented at the recent American Heart Association annual conference in Dallas, Texas, showed the real jab reduced cancer genetic counselor new jersey pressure readings for at least six months.

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Katherine Jenner, from the charity Blood Pressure UK, said: 'The idea of a vaccine to prevent high blood pressure is very appealing.

Men and women on the trial at Laval University, Quebec, drank 45g of buttermilk or a placebo for four weeks and had their blood pressure measured at the start and end of  the study.

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Results suggest that buttermilk significantly reduced systolic blood pressure by 2. Buttermilk contains proteins called milk fat globules, which have previously been found to have various biological properties such as lowering cholesterol, according to the study, recently published in Nutrition.

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