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Working in multidisciplinary teams, they have examined every aspect of the topic of their article and deserve all the consideration. I am very grateful to the "Bagdasar-Arseni Emergency Clinical Hospital" team and staff for the energy, innovation and logistical support granted for the development of the Balneo Research Journal.

I want cancer renal nejm offer sincere thanks to many people whose work determines the innovation and improvement of this journal. Thank you for your unwavering cancer renal nejm. Gaining a true understanding of complex medical perspectives, allows us to better appreciate the work of physicians, nurses and all researchers involved.

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It inspires us with their abilities and commitment to do the "right" work of scientific research. I am grateful for their intuition, their passion and the way they get involved.

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I want to take a moment to reflect on the achievements of this year's Balneo Research Journal,and to thank especially those who have been involved in the development of the journal: Prof.

Gelu Onose, Assist.

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Gabriela Dogaru. Table of Contents: Vol 10 No. Case report series and short literature review.

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Balneo Research Cancer renal nejm.