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Not many people know that banana is very good for lightening and brightening the skin. It is used as a facial mask to get a glowing skin instantly. Grind a banana with 2 tablespoons of honey in a mixer grinder and smear the mixture on your face.

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Let it stay on your face for an hour and see how it hydrate and nourishes your skin instantly. Use this facial warts on hands frozen daily and you will have brightfair and healthy sounds every day.

Blend all ingredients together and spread on your face and neck for 30 minutes. Once the face pack is drythen rub gently till sugar melts completely.

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Wash off with cold water. The end result is irresistibly soft, clear and radiant skin instantly. Use this treatment once a week.

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Thereafter dab this mixture on your face and neck to infuse a fresh the juice on your dull skin. Use this treatment three times a week for best results. Mix this mixture well and apply the mask on your face.

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Leave it until it dries out. The mask will not just help remove tan, but also soften your skin and makes it glow.

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Regular use this mask will help lighten your complexion. Read properly to understand.

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