Papilloma tumora.

papilloma tumora

Source: Romanian Medical Journal. Inverted papilloma is a rare epithelial benign neoplasm which presents a number of significant therapeutic problems due to a high rate of postoperative recurrence and a significant percentage papilloma tumora malignancy.

This article represents a review of papilloma tumora literature on this topic and a synthesis of Colțea ENT Clinic experience in inverted papilloma associated with scuamos cell carcinoma SCC. Study design.

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Retrospective, between and 7 years. Out of 36 patients with schneiderian papilloma treated in our clinic, 8 were identified with inverted papilloma associated with SCC.

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De asemenea, trebuie să se prezinte la medic orice pacient care timp de trei săptămâni are următoarele simptome: răguşeală, durere persistentă în gât, dificultate la înghiţire, o umflătură la nivelul gâtului, leziuni în  cavitatea orală.