Colorectal cancer blood markers

Depending on the stage of tumor invasion and its aggressiveness, is individualized, surgical, oncological, or both treatment.

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The most important factor for establishing these protocols is the impact of the tumor on intra- and perilesional colorectal vasculature and implicitly on the process of vascular neoformation in the paraneoplastic syndrome. In this regard, we studied a group of patients, colonoscopically diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

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The study method was to compare the expression of CD34 tumor marker with EMVI extramural vascular invasion staging criteria. The results of our study were compared with the intraoperative aspects. In all cases studied tumor extension reached to at least intestinal muscle layer.

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The expression of vascular endothelial proliferation marker is closely correlated with colorectal cancer blood markers EMVI score - these values increase proportionally. The use of both criteria for establishing neovasculogenesis, significantly increases the predictability of postoperative progression and long-term survival.

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