Human papillomavirus cytopathic effect

Chirurgia Bucur ; 1 : The best surgical treatment option and the optimal operative time still represent a subject of debate.

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Material and method: We have retrospectively analyzed the cases of abdominal wall hernias in patients with liver cirrhosis admitted in the Surgical Department of the Sfantul Pantelimon Clinical Emergency Hospital from Bucharest, undergoing surgical treatment between January and December Data regarding the laboratory results the serum albumin and bilirubin levels, the Prothrombin Time and the clinical aspects the presence of ascites or encephalopathy that helped establish the grade of the disease according to Child classification system, and, also, the information regarding the type of hernia, the character of the human human papillomavirus cytopathic effect cytopathic effect indication emergency or electivethe surgical technique and the postoperative evolution have been collected from the medical documents of the patients included in the present study.

The statistical analysis has been made using the chi- square test. Regarding the Child classification system used in the present study, 24 patients presented with Child A human papillomavirus cytopathic effect of cirrhosis The highest mortality rates have been registered in patients that underwent emergency surgical intervention.

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Conclusions: The parietal defects in patients with liver cirrhosis can be surgically treated with satisfactory outcomes. The best results have been registered in patients with compensated form of the cirrhosis or in cases undergoing elective surgery. The methods used for the surgical treatment of the abdominal wall defects vary from herniorrhaphy to alloplastic techniques.

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For patients with ascites, a good control of this complication represents an important factor for the human papillomavirus cytopathic effect postoperative evolution. The emergency surgical interventions are associated with greater risks of morbidity and mortality.

human papillomavirus cytopathic effect