Rectal cancer how do you get it

Source: Fiziologia - Physiology. Old fashion chemotherapy has so many adverse effects and the survival rates became steady for the last decades. Efforts were made in two other directions prevention of rectal cancers by large population screenings, and the other was research of intimate mechanism of rectal cancer progression and identifying new markers for better targeted new anti-cancer drugs. We intend to emphasize the role of angiogenesis markers in actual stage of research in order to settle new goals for our research.

Romanian statistics show that the frequency of this type of cancer is increasing rapidly. In the yearall over the world there were approximately 1 million new cases of colorectal cancer, and over thousands deaths, thus affecting 1 from 20 inhabitants from the developed countries and being the second main cancer death cause, at both sexes in Europe.

rectal cancer how do you get it

In Romania, incidence and mortality have doubled in the last 20 years, reaching a Both for men and women, this disease is on the 3rd place in Romania, after bronhopulmonary cancer and gastric for men and breast and uterus cancer, respectively.

This paper has as purpose obtaining data about the frequency of colorectal cancer in recent years, and the repartition of this data on years, sex, age, environment, complications and other particularities.

rectal cancer how do you get it

To reach this purpose we have done a retrospective study on patients that were admitted during in the surgical clinic, medical clinic and oncology section from the Constanta Emergency Rectal cancer how do you get it hospital, with colorectal neoplasm as a diagnosis.

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rectal cancer how do you get it

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rectal cancer how do you get it