Warts on soft skin,

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Moluscum contagiosum Fibromas, etc Very good aesthetic results can be obtain also removing the en dome moles, which on the dermatoscopic examination are benign. They are removed by the shaving method and mandatory examined histopathologically.

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Moles removed by any method chirugical, radiosurgical shave should be examined histopathologically! Is the procedure painful?

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Treatment involves low temperatures, with minimal thermal injury on the tissue, so in the case of minor lesions, it can only be enough to apply a topical anesthetic. In the case of larger lesions, local injection anesthesia is performed so that the procedure is comfortable for the patient.

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After the procedure: Avoid prolonged contact with water; Local treatment according to the directions of the dermatologist. Search Search for: Situata in warts on soft skin Bucurestiului intr-o anthelmintic use eleganta si usor accesibila, intr-o ambianta placuta, calda si relaxanta, clinica noastra va ofera servicii de dermatologie generala estetica si procedurala.

In cadrul clinicii puteti beneficia de tratamentul adecvat diverselor afectiuni dermatologice comune.

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