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Through concrete coordination with Federal support services, immaculate administrative arrangements likefire tender, traffic and area police services and extensive security elements including dog sniffing were deployed for the smooth conduct of the event. The exam was conducted in 2 sessions i. An intervening break of 90 minutes was observed for prayer and lunch to the candidates and staff. Ovarian cancer kaise hota hai total of 2,candidates; 2, medical and 27 dental graduates, appeared in the exam out of which were examined at Army Medical College while 1, were accommodated at Pak China Friendship Centre.

ovarian cancer kaise hota hai

A feedback preform was served to each candidate to have their candid opinion for the improvement of the system. Pro-Vice Chancellor and Controller of Examinations NUMS monitored various professional and administrative arrangements through a number of committees overseeing specific tasks.

Diverse faculty and HPE experts participated in the moderation process in accordance with stipulated Table of Specifications.

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Stringent security measures were undertaken by developing four color coded question booklets under round the clock direct supervision of the senior officials of ovarian cancer kaise hota hai Examination Directorate NUMS. The result was prepared through immaculate cross validation mechanism over the sophisticated equipment.

ovarian cancer kaise hota hai