Neuroendocrine cancer adrenal gland

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Tema plagiatului este tot mai mult discutată în ultima vreme. Apariția unor programe performante de căutare și identificare a similitudinilor între texte [ Menopause involves skeletal losses, which may be accelerated by breast neuroendocrine cancer adrenal gland and associated therapy, as aromatase inhibitors.

Case presentation. Synchronously, she presented, at computer tomography, a left adrenal hyperplasia, stationary during follow-up. Tamoxifen was continued for two years, then a switch to anastrozole was done for the last four months.

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On admission, the assays showed a non-secretor adrenal pattern, with negative neuroendocrine markers, including serum serotonin. Bone profile pointed mild hypercalcemia with normal parathormone levels, as well as bone turnover markers and hydroxyvitamin D negative imagery scan for bone metastases.

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Further continuation of aromatase inhibitor is recommended, in association with vitamin D supplementation and monthly oral risendronate, good hydration and serial calcium assays. Modern approach of menopausal breast cancer with aromatase inhibitors increases the speed of age-related bone loss, while detailed imagery may find otherwise unknown artefacts as non-tumour enlargement of adrenal glands.

neuroendocrine cancer adrenal gland

Whether neuroendocrine markers like 5-hydroxytryptamine will find a neuroendocrine cancer adrenal gland in this particular context, apart from traditional bone indices, is still difficult to establish. Keywords: breast cancer, osteopenia, serotonin Full text  PDF.

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