Pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis

pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis

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Surgery represents the single hope for a long-term survival in these pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis, but most of the previously reported patients in the literature underwent standard pancreatic resections.

A central pancreatectomy is a non-standardized pancreatic resection, which was exceptionally reported for a malignant pathology.

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Case presentation: A years old male, with previously left hemicolectomy for a sigmoid colon adenocarcinoma and left hemi-hepatectomy for liver metastasis, developed an isolated pancreatic isthmus metastasis, which was treated with a central pancreatectomy.

Results: The early postoperative outcome was complicated by a splenic infarction, which required splenectomy.

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A margins negative resection was observed at the final pathology examination. The patient died with peritoneal recurrence 28 months after the pancreatic resection. Conclusion: A central pancreatectomy appears to be an oncologically safe surgical procedure for isolated pancreatic metastases of other neoplasms, in selected patients.

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Key words: central pancreatectomy, pancreatic metastases, prognosis Publicat: J.