Cancer de pancreas grr

As the days turned to weeks we quickly discovered they would not let her come home and something else was going on.

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Information was hard to obtain mostly lost in translation. She was turning yellow, had already lost 19kg and was going downhill fast. Countless tests, scans, doctors, specialists and assumptions. Surgery is impossible and there are no treatments available.

Tumori de Pancreas - [PDF Document]

Chemo is the only option and will likely make matters worse and so Typically with Pancreatic Cancer you get months. It has been a seriously rough and scary ride so far even more so now as we passed the 3rd month! To make matters even more challenging, my mum is 71, retired, left the UK years ago and recently bought her little dream retirement house in Spain.

I only planned to visit for a few months to help her set things up, but as I saw her health decline, I gave up work, changed my plans and stayed with her here in Spain.

STILL Praying for a Medical Miracle for my mum (Jane)

Which makes this situation even more of a challenge and really scary! But, when you are told you or your loved one are going to die, something happens inside of you, you find determination to find a way, ANY way and not give up!! My mum cancer de pancreas grr to live, I want her to live.

I also believe in the power of the mind, prayer and I absolutely believe in miracles. Through those beliefs, I discovered a wonderful holistic Dr in Germany. He has great success rates working with Cancer patients even those with cancer de pancreas grr 3 and 4.

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As my mother couldn't travel, he flew to us this month and brought all we needed to begin my mothers recommended treatment. Over the last few weeks I have been watching her gradually improve with this treatment.

She went from bright yellow, unable to eat unable to walk to now… a normal colour, eating well, gaining a little weight and walking a little again. We even managed some trips out in the car! It's wonderful!

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We have HOPE! BUT it's not over yet!. The treatment must continue for several months more, and likely with maintenance for the rest of her life. Until the follow up scans at the hospital end of March we won't know how successful the holistic treatment has been on a 'physical level' either. We used most of my mothers savings towards the first part of her treatment but we still need to fund the rest. What we need to pay for: - the wages of a local nurse - the first, second and follow up treatments - flight for occasional Dr visits from Germany to Spain - any equipment that cannot be provided by our local Cancer charity eg.

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Despite the challenges we have had in life, I cannot and do not want to imagine my life without my mum. I lost my dad to Cancer 15 years ago, my sister to MS 5 years ago and too many other family members left this world with cancer.

I also hope that by spreading awareness of alternative treatments like this, it will soon become easier to access, easier to afford and give more people HOPE that there IS another solution.

We have already paid for some of the treatment, but we now need to pay for the next stages. The uncertainty of the journey ahead terrifies us both. Not knowing what will happen next and how to get back on our feet after! But I trust that somehow, something cancer de pancreas grr turn up. So if you are able to help us raise the funds we need.

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Please share this with your family and friends. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and for your thoughts, messages and prayers so far.

Thank you Lucy x PS. I also have this information up on a gofundme page if you look on my timeline. I received requests for alternative ways to support - eg with PayPal, western union, directly, your own fundraiser events for us. Feel free to send me a note for more information.

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Vezi mai mult Aceasta este a doua strângere de fonduri Facebook pe care o fac aici pentru mama mea. Vă mulțumesc tuturor celor care ne-au susținut și au contribuit!.

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Voi continua să fundraise aici în speranța de a-i acoperi pe ceilalți k am sperat să ajung pe Facebook. Costurile reale numai ale tratamentului sunt de peste k.