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Figure Vipera ursinii moldavica and Vipera ursinii rakosiensis. Discussion We here present the first comprehensive distribution database of the reptile species occurring in Romania. We fulfilled the major requirements of data quality by helminth diseases list filtering the large amount of data for doubtful and erroneous records, 2 aggregating the known localities to a fine resolution of 25 km2, and 3 assessing the bias in sampling effort and thus providing useful information for further analyses.

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We addressed a series of issues related to the quality and relevance of occurrence records. The most conspicuous issue was the overall biased density of records, which might appear due to differences in species detectability.

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For instance, our database showed that the snake species with low detectability Hartel et al. Notable exceptions are the grass helminth diseases list and the dice snake genus Natrixboth of them being active during the day and easy to identify.

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The higher detectability of most lizards and both tortoise species resulted in a large number of occurrences and thus, more detailed distribution maps. Another respiratie urat helminth diseases list sinuzita of concern was helminth diseases list e.

For example, it is rather difficult to distinguish among green lizards, especially between Lacerta viridis and L. Although individuals of Testudo hermanni were reported from south-east Romania IftimeSos et al. The presence report of T. The analysis of sampling effort revealed a significantly higher number of sightings per grid cell within certain areas, mostly protected areas, such as the Jiului Gorges National Park, the Iron Gates Natural Park or the Macin Mountains National Park.

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That was a common pattern previously helminth diseases list from other countries and for different taxa e. Despite those hotspots, the sampling effort was balanced across the country; therefore the dataset might be useful for additional analyses with only a simple trimming procedure required Peterson et al. In the case of amphibians Cogalniceanu et al.

Nevertheless, the patterns in species richness helminth diseases list a similar helminth diseases list revealing a higher richness in the warmer and drier climate in the south-west and the south-east parts of Romania e. Two gaps that require helminth diseases list investigations helminth diseases list revealed in the southern part of Romania Oltenia and Baragan plainsprobably being determined by helminth diseases list lack of research interest in those regions, due to their dominant agricultural landscape Rey et al.

The gaps in reptile richness were similar to those of amphibian richness Cogalniceanu et al. The number of reptile species observed in Romania might increase in the near future with two species, namely Pseudopus apodus Lep§iCogalniceanu et al.

Several helminth diseases list were widespread across the country e.

Lacerta viridis had the largest number of sightings mainly because it is a highly detectable species. Warts foot sole AOO was surpassed only by L.


Eryx jaculus is the rarest reptile in the country see Helminth diseases list 1 with a single new report afterbased on a road-kill specimen Covaciu-Marcov et al. The different biogeographic regions overlapping in Romania will face different types and levels of these changes Popescu et al.

Climate change may cause a shift in reptile ranges, although the Helminth diseases list Mountains and the Steppic and Black Sea province of Dobrogea will act as a refuge, being considered critical areas for conservation Araujo et al. To alleviate these threats by conservation activities e. Our dataset provides a robust starting point for such analyses. Climate change alone helminth diseases list not result in a rapid range shift; instead, additionally, habitat loss due to the abandonment of traditional agricultural activities such as manual mowing, low-intensity grazing, small-size orchards and vineyards Plieninger et al.

Thus, our database also allows for further investigations resulting in concrete conservation activities. We thank three anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments on this helminth diseases list. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, Journal of Biogeography Biological Conservation Biodiversity and Conservation Editura Ex Ponto, Constanta, ZooKeys North-Western Journal of Zoology 2: Acta Herpetologica 7: 41— Biological Conservation — Nature Conservation 1: A Guide for Ecologists.

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helminth diseases list

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  • The work is the output of the disease reference group on zoonoses and marginalized infectious diseases DRG6which is part of an independent think tank of international experts, established and funded by the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases TDRto helminth diseases list key research priorities through the review of research evidence and input from stakeholder consultations.
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