Colorectal cancer (crc), Istoricul fișierului

colorectal cancer (crc)

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It is known as a heterogeneous disease, characterized by diversion in colorectal cancer (crc) molecular pathways during its evolutionary process. Being an integral part of a wider study, colorectal cancer (crc) explored the use of a novel platform to support the strictly controlled process of data collection on colorectal cancer cases.

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We collected data about the patients regarding baseline clinical parameters, medical history, important comorbidities, intraoperative colorectal cancer (crc) and adverse events, tumor characteristics, histological findings and main laboratory data blood cell count, serum protein electrophoresis, liver and kidney function tests, colorectal cancer (crc) levels of CEA and CA The results suggest that these two biomarkers are useful preoperative indicators of local recurrences and prognosis in colorectal cancer.

Increased levels of both tumor markers are correlated with an advanced stage of the disease and a poor prognosis.

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Finally, this study aims to provide the necessary infrastructure, geared towards efficient, safe and comprehensive clinical evaluation of CRC cases. Bucharest69, no.