Hepatic cancer markers,

hepatic cancer markers

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In hepatic cancer markers past 4 years, researchers have realized real-time, sensitive, and specific tests of selected cancer markers, using a range of advanced techniques, including CE-ECL, SPR, LIF, hepatic cancer markers techniques, protein chips, and genetic chips. Based on the said accomplishments, they developed an improved CE-ECL process to detect prolidase, a marker for both liver and breast cancers.

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They also rolled out a highly sensitive and selective analysis system integrating an array of advanced technologies, and chips able to test diverse proteins and genes.

These new approaches have been applied in clinical diagnosis, and in establishing a clinical database for the purpose.

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Researchers studied the pharmacokinetics of prolidase activity in red blood cells, to unveil the effects of drugs on cancers through hepatic cancer markers the effects of drugs on enzyme activity. They established hepatic cancer markers process to test aspartate aminotransferase AST and alanine aminotransferase ALTand study the harmful effects of alcohol on liver cancer cells.

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In addition, they examined the interactions between an anti-cancer drug called Mitoxantrone and Calf Thymus DNA and cytochrome c, in an attempt to provide theoretical evidences for targeted drug combinations.