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Vlad killed emissaries, which angered the sultan, who decided to set a trap to capture the Wallachian voivode. He asked for a diplomatic meeting with Vlad at Giurgiu, where he had to meet Hamza Pasha.

Vlad found out that the Turkish official was accompanied by horsemen, and their intention was to capture him, so he launched a surprise attack and annihilated the Turks.

It is said that, after destroying Hamza Pasha's troop, disguised in Turkish clothes, he ordered the Turkish guards to open the gates of Giurgiu city.

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Which they did, not suspecting Vlads guile, and the Wallachian cavalry ravaged all Turkish troops. From here, Vlad the Impaler crossed the Danube and began a military campaign in Bulgaria. Enraged, Sultan Mehmet gathered an army ofpeople some sources estimateother even, with the intention hpv vaccine side effects timeline punish Vlad. Hpv vaccine side effects timeline the face of such threat, Vlad asked for support from the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus, but the help did not come.

Only a small part, made up of landowners and mercenaries, were equipped with hauberks, and had swords, lances and daggers. Turkish army was supported by cannons and used over ships to cross the Danube. On 4th of June, the Turks landed in Turnu.

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Not being able to engage in a direct confrontation, Vlad adopted guerrilla tactics. He sent people to the mountains and burned everything in the way of Turkish invasion. The Turks were advancing towards Targoviste, but were rejected in Bucharest. On June 17, they set their camp near Bucharest. In the evening, Vlad, leading his army of about 24, soldiers, unleashed The Night Attack.

Is said that the Romanian Voivode, dressed in Turkish garbs, circulated freely through the Turkish camp, trying to identify the Sultan's tent.

Much more than documents.

Disguised as Turks, Wallachian soldiers infiltrated in the Turkish camp, triggering the attack. More than 15, Ottomans and 5, Wallachians according to some sources lost their lives.

The fate of that war was actually decided on the night of June 17, by attacking Turkish troops inside their camp. Thus, an army ten times larger would hpv vaccine side effects timeline defeated by an attack from inside their own camp.

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The Aztec Empire reached its greatest size, and none could predict it will collapse in a few years. Moctezuma cordially received Corts, believing that the detoxifiere colon about the return of god Quetzalcoatl is becoming true.

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The Spanish captain, realizing that he was in numerical minority against Aztec forces, could not initiate a direct attack, so he decided to use a different stratagem. Thus, he manages to trick Moctezuma and imprisoned him. InCorts provokes an uprising of the local, when Moctezuma was killed. But Cuauhtmoc, his nephew, became tlatoani ruler and banished the Spaniards from the city.

Corts allied with other indigenous tribes, and together they started an offensive against the city, which fell on August 13, Thus, Corts, with only soldiers, managed by lying and scheming in the heart of the city to defeat the superior forces of the locals. The result was that during the city conquest, an estimatedpeople were killed hpv vaccine side effects timeline the Aztec Empire would be annexed to the Spanish Colonial Empire. The year is considered the year of Aztec civilization's death.

The Aztecs were recognized as good architects, mathematicians, and astronomers. They had a polytheistic religion, and children's education began at age 3. Age of marriage was 20 years for hpv vaccine side effects timeline and 16 for girls. At international level, England had lost the American colonies, which stimulated a strong French offensive.

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Bernard Simiot gives us a glance into General Bonaparte's insistence to go to the Orient: It is not a long time to understand that, in order to really destroy England, we will have to grab Egypt. The need to reduce England's influence and the hpv vaccine side effects timeline desire to conquer the Orient to India, like the conquests of Alexander the Great, favored the Directorate's decision to accept the campaign in Egypt.

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On May 19th,Bonaparte's fleet, consisting of at about ships, raised the anchor from Toulon, after a rumor had been spread that the French army would have gone through Gibraltar and, encircling Spain, would start marching towards Ireland.

Admiral Nelson, hearing the rumor, decided to wait for the French fleet near Gibraltar. But the French fleet set off for Malta, an island country of Southern Europe, made up of an archipelago in the Mediterranean.

Located 80 km from Italy and about km from Tunisia, Malta was of strategic importance. Hpv vaccine side effects timeline was led by a religious military order, known as the Knights of Malta, from as early aswhen the Emperor of the Holy Hpv vaccine side effects timeline Empire, Carol V, gave the islands in permanent rent to the Grand Master of the Order.

Inthe fleet with which Bonaparte had begun to Egypt arrived in Malta. Once secure in Valletta, the capital of Malta, Bonaparte turned his arms against the hosts and forced the Grand Master to capitulate. Thus, on June 12th,through the surprise attack of Napoleon Bonaparte, Malta entered under French domination untilwhen it became a British dominion.

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In 6 days, Bonaparte succeeded in implementing a series of reforms: abolishing slavery, reforming justice and education, then leaving behind 4, soldiers to assure French control, and headed for Cancer colon melena. The method by which Bonaparte succeeded in conquering Hpv vaccine side effects timeline demonstrates once again that a closed social system can be conquered much easier by an attack initiated from inside the system.

It must hpv vaccine side effects timeline said that this episode in the history of both camps is an important moment, by the fact that here had faced two armed forces with great experience in papilloma in sinus cavity strategy and tactics.

During the time of Master Jean de la Valette dead inthe Order reached its peak, the Knights of the Order participating in most military conflicts in the area. It is said that during this period about 3, Jews and Muslims were taken prisoners. In the 16th century, Suleyman himself, fed up with Maltese invasions in the Ottoman-controlled areas, decided to conquer Malta in He conquered Tripoli and besieged Malta, who resisted these attacks.

The Ottomans were forced to withdraw. On the other hand, the modernized French army - in full military campaign to conquer new territories, commanded by a military genius, the General Napoleon Bonaparte born August 15th,in Ajaccio, Corsica, and dead on May 5th,in Saint Helena Islandwho later became Emperor of France - was famous for the speed with which the troops moved.

The commander's boldness and subterfuges he used to defeat his enemies, along with his great strategist qualities, all gave to the French Army a special power.

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Although it would have had the military ability to deal with an open front attack, Napoleon preferred a way to ensure a quick victory with minimal loss. Without going into biological details, it is well known that the biological systems have a protective layer that opposes the action of external forces.

We must note the similarity between these biological systems and the social systems. For example, the human settlements, subject to external attacks, have built protection systems by raising surrounding walls, in a similar way to human body.

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The main protective layer of the body is the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, composed of an epithelial multi-layered tissue. It has a protective role against the action of external agents mechanical, chemical, bacteriological. In case of strong attacks, for example of mechanical origin, the body has the hpv vaccine side effects timeline of closing some injuries, through the hpv vaccine side effects timeline of cicatrization.

So, even in some parts of the body serious injuries were produced, the system is not dying, but finding specific repair resources. The environment of living organism contains also devious components, managing to seep inside, and cause serious damage, or even death of the body. These attackers are adapted for such actions, and are more dangerous as they are invisible to the eye, mostly attacking the basic structure of the system, the cell, producing its collapse.

These hpv vaccine side effects timeline are the microbes.

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They are single celled microscopic living organisms surviving in soil, air and water. They are agents of infectious diseases, of fermentation, putrefaction, etc. Their study began inwhen Louis Pasteur exposed germ theory. By their attack, serious illness can be installed in the body, able even to cause the death of the body, so the death of the whole system.

Although the body has a certain internal protection created by immunity, the microbial attack represents the main driver of destruction of the living body. Among the most common illnesses caused by microbes are: measles, smallpox, rabies, varicella, infantile paralysis, influenza and flu.

Another disease, the cancer or the malignant tumor, is a disease that acts on the cell, hpv vaccine side effects timeline modifying the genes.

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Diseased cells will have an hpv vaccine side effects timeline development, and the ability to invade the whole body. Cancer may have viral causes, such as hepatitis B and C, which can lead to liver cancer, HPV Papilloma virus, which leads to cervical cancer, Epstein-Barr virus that causes cancer of the blood and of the lymphatic system, the virus XMRV, setting of the prostate cancer. Considering that 10 years ago, 7. We conclude that we mainly deal with an attack inside the cellular system which, by its multiplying ability, generates destruction of the biological system, as a unit.

We take for example the case of fruit trees. The hot season is conducive to these attacks when fungi, mites, caterpillars and insects destroy fruit trees' leaves and flowers. The attacks from the outside of all these parasites causing diseases lead mainly to the destruction of the leaves the photosynthesis laboratory. To understand why a leafless plant dies, we must remember what is photosynthesis.

It is a process of synthesizing the carbon dioxide and water, having oxygen as a waste product, used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms' activities energy transformation.

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The oxygen release sup- ports life on Earth. Without leaves, the plant will die. A tratament oxiuri copii case is that of wood beetles, whose attacks are more vicious, and they act within the plant. Let us consider the shot-hole borer Rugulorcolytus rugulosus case.

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It is a bark beetle that digs galleries between bark and wood, where it lays eggs. The galleries are short, straight and following the wood fibers. The larvae, however, dig small galleries with many ramifications.