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genetic cancer of the eye

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DESCRIERE The preeminent book on cancer cytogenetics—now in a valuable new edition Like its successful predecessors, Cancer Cytogenetics, Third Genetic cancer of the eye continues to offer authoritative coverage of neoplastic processes at the genetic cancer of the eye level of genomic organization. Now updated and expanded, this new edition includes detailed information on the most recent advances in the field, incorporating a vast amount of new cytogenetic as well as molecular genetic data from the latest basic and clinical investigations.

With its complete coverage of thecytogenetic mechanisms underlying neoplasia, and always with a keen eye on the clinical consequences of the various acquired genetic aberrations, this text will alsobe an indispensable reference for all clinicians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

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List of Contributors. Chapter 2: Cytogenetic Methods David Gisselsson.

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Chapter 6: Myelodysplastic Syndromes Harold J. Olney and Michelle M. Le Beau.

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Harrison and Bertil Johansson. Chaper Tumors of the Breast Manuel R.

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Teixeira, Nikos Pandis and Sverre Heim. Teixeira and Sverre Heim.

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Bender, Fausto J. Rodriguez, Gobinda Sarkar and Robert B. Chapter Tumors of the Eye Karen Sisley.

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