Cancer colon flatulence. Compozitia flatusului

cancer colon flatulence
Flatulenta vaginala Gazul vaginal care implica un miros neplacut sau materii fecale poate fi rezultatul unei fistule colovaginale, o conditie severa care presupune o comunicare intre vagin si colon, rezultatul unei interventii, nasteri, boli precum Crohn sau altor cauze. Aceasta conditie poate duce la infectia de tract urinar si alte complicatii.

The irritable bowel syndrome translates through the faulty functioning, of unknown cause, of an intestine that is organically and anatomically unaffected. Stress seems to be involved in the pathology of this condition.

What Are the Irritable Bowel Symptoms? Both diarrhea and constipation may appear.

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Flatulence, abdominal bloating and colic pain are always present, affecting the quality of life. Patients complaining of constipation state that they can only eliminate small and high consistency stool quantities.

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Crayon-shaped stools are specific. Patients sometimes have the incomplete defecation sensation.

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Many patients also cancer colon flatulence of the fullness, abdominal distention and cancer colon flatulence sensation and they feel uncomfortable in their own clothes. The noises in their abdomen and the excessive flatulence also bother them. Patients with cancer colon flatulence irritable bowel syndrome have also reported a few symptoms that are unrelated to their intestine, such as constant sleepiness, head and back pain, frequent urination and the imperious need to urinate.

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