Breast cancer hormone levels, Rolul ovariectomiei celioscopice în tratamentul hormonal al cancerului mamar


Advanced Hormone Receptor-positive Breast Cancer

Source: Jurnalul Pediatrului. Due to the association with breast cancer in adults, it represents a cause of stress and preocupation for the parents. It seems to be the expression of the impared hormonal balance.

Sometimes could be produced by an increase estrogen levels from an external source.


This external source might be represented by cosmetic products with estrogen, medication and nowdays we can discuss about the food implication. Aim of paper: To demonstrate that the bloody nipple discharge in childhood is frecuently benign.

The phytoestrogens from food are involved in the majority of the cases. Matherial and method: We present a 15 months-old girl, with bloody nipple discharge without a history of medication or trauma at this area.

Updates in the hormonal treatment of breast cancer

Physical examination revealed a healthy child with normal findings. At the left breast the skin had a normal aspect, with no injuries or palpable masses.

Pressure on the areolar area didn't bring us any new. We realized a breast ultrasound and blood analizes, including cell blood counter, coagulation and hormonal perfil.

squamous papilloma areola human papillomavirus is known to be associated with

All was normal, but a high level of estradiol was found. We have considered there is a disruptive endocrine factor, thinking in the estrogens from chicken breast presented every day in her diet.

cancer de piele romania papillomavirus positif enceinte

So we have advised parents to remove the chicken breast from the girl's diet. After two months, the estrogen level breast cancer hormone levels normal and the girl has no more bleeding, as well as one year later.

Discussion: As we previous comment, there were no history of medication or application of cosmetic products at breast region. We considered that the hyperestrogenism could be caused by the contamination by dietary intake of chicken breast every day.

Introduction Cancer is a group of diseases which cause an abnormal and uncontrolled cell division coupled with malignant behavior such as invasion and metastasis [ 1 ]. For the treatment of cancer various methods have already been discovered and many others are in the process breast cancer hormone levels discovery e. But the anticancer drugs can fail to kill cancer cells for various reasons, the transport of the anticancer drug being governed by physiological and physicochemical properties of the target cell and of the drug itself [ 4 ]. These properties include pressure, charge, size, configuration, electrochemical properties, hydrophilicity, etc. For the therapeutic agents delivery to the tumor cells, the following problems can be addressed, as follows: Drug resistance at the tumor levels non cellular based mechanisms ; Drug resistance at cellular level cellular based mechanisms ; Pharmacokinetic properties of the anticancer agent in the body [ 5 ].

Chicken is often injected with estrogen for obtaining much breast chicken; when we eat it, this hormons will be transferred to our body. The children are more vulnerable at these hormons and breast cancer hormone levels develop various clinical manifestations.

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Breast cancer hormone levels In our patient, the bloody nipple discharge was associated with an increased estrogen level breast cancer hormone levels dietary products. Therefore the level of estrogen as well breast cancer hormone levels the hypertrophy of glandular tissue regressed within 2 months with the change of the diet.

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breast cancer hormone levels

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1. Introduction

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