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Share this article Share 'While Dr Gheorghiu's misconduct, and in particular the repeated nature of his behaviour, was serious and needed to be marked, there remains a public interest in allowing an otherwise good doctor with competent clinical skills to remain in medical practice. He reportedly referred to George Michael's sexuality to 20 times during his treatment of patients and used the singer's name as a 'password' for squatting on all fours. Mr Atherton said: 'One deputy ward sister described him causing upset and distress to patients and staff and when she started she was shocked when he said things to a patient in recovery.

She challenged him and told him he wasn't allowed colorectal cancer jewelry colorectal cancer jewelry like that in that way and he ignored her, continuing his behaviour like it colorectal cancer jewelry funny.

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She heard papillomavirus chez homme saying to him things like how he would show him how to have a good time, and making offensive comments about cracking and breaking ladies pelvises. She felt shocked and vulnerable and quickly moved away from him. She said she has heard Dr Gheorghiu asking another sister if she "had rough sex last night".

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He also made comments about the sisters weight and told her "I'm falling in love with you all over again". He was making comments about their anatomy.

colorectal cancer jewelry

He found it to be inappropriate banter. He also heard him referring to the nurse losing weight and said it was pointless as she would put it back colorectal cancer colorectal cancer jewelry.

She also said that she heard him talking to another doctor in another language and thought it was clear he was talking colorectal cancer jewelry her.

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Mr Atherton added: 'He was said to speak to many nurses about their sex life. One nurse he asked: "did you get it deep and painful last night?

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Colorectal cancer jewelry was colorectal cancer jewelry to the fact that George Michael was gay. Another deputy sister said how she used to apologise to the student nurses for how he was with them and how she found his language to be unprofessional.

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She felt it was accepted by other doctors, many of them having a: "that's just him" attitude. Representations made to the GMC claimed he used: 'what might be perceived as inappropriate jocularity in a misguided attempt to put people at ease, make them laugh, or in order to colorectal cancer jewelry the inhibiting boundaries or to reduce anxiety of his patients.

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