Neuroendocrine cancer and fatigue

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Diana Nica, Emilia Ianes, S.

Brad: CBCT fine preoperrative evaluation of inflammatory radicular cysts and postoperative local integration appreciation of alloplastic grafts materials [Page: ] Yllka Deçolli, A. Lupuşoru, V.

Archives - Page 6 | The Medical-Surgical Journal

Poroch, Liliana Mititelu-Tarţău, Cătălina Elena Lupuşoru: The effects of magnesium nanovesicle formulations on spatial memory performance in mice [Page: ] Gabriela Rusu, F.

Mitu, Cătălina Elena Lupuşoru, M. Neuroendocrine cancer and fatigue, R.

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Neuroendocrine cancer and fatigue, Liliana Mititelu-Tarţău: Effects of two serotoninergic agents on the behavioral manifestations in rats [Page: ] Sevastre, M. Taulescu, I. Marcus, Daniela Benedec, A.

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Mocanu, Daniela Hanganu: Protective effect of grape seed extract in experi-mental menopausal syndrome [Page: ] Vasincu, Anca Miron, Veronica Bild: Preliminary research concerning antinociceptive and antiinflammatory effects of two extracts from Glinus oppositifolius L. Gogălniceanu, Cătălina Mihai: Viral hepatitis C in — the beginning of the end?

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Petris, D. Alexandrescu, Irina Iuliana Costache: Acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema - etiological spectrum and precipitating factors [Page: ] 5.

Oana-Maria Căpraru, Ionela M. Paşcanu: Thyroid function during the first year  of recombinant human growth hormone therapy  in short stature children [Page: ] 6.

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Irina Iuliana Costache, D. Alexandrescu, Diana Cimpoeşu, O.

neuroendocrine cancer and fatigue

Petriş, A. Petriş: Hyponatremia — risk factor in patients  with chronic heart failure — clinical, evolutive and therapeutic implications [Page: ] 7. Răzvana Munteanu Dănulescu, C. Stanciu, Anca Trifan: Assessing the risk of decompensation y by ascites  and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhosis [Page: ] 8.

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Corina Găleşanu, A. Irina Gîrleanu, D.

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Alexandrescu, A. Teodor, Carmen Manciuc, Carmen Dorobat:Characteristics of co infection with hepatitis B virus among romanian patients infected with human mmunodeficiency virus [Page: ] Luca, Teodora Alexa, A.

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Petris, Irina Iuliana Costache: Amiodarone-induced thyroid dysfunction  — clinical picture. Ionela-Alina Tanasă, D.

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Alexandrescu, Irina Iuliana Costache: The incidence of supraventricular arrhythmias in patients with essential arterial hypertension - clinical and evolutive correlations [Page: ] Letitia Tugui, M. Lupu, M.