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Figure 6 a, b. Intraoperatory stage - papilloma palatino drainage tube in the nose frontal channel Figure 7. Postoperatory clinical stage after 7 days References esthetist.

Inverted nasal papilloma postoperatory recovery was remarkable, with significant improvement of vision and movements in the right eye, disappearance of diplopia and partial remission of proptosis.

It is a rare case because of the huge mucocele size type 4Awhich lead to extensive bone erosion of the frontal sinus wall with significant facial deformity and exposure of dura. We believe that drainage and marsupialization of the mucocele was the optimal management of this particular case. In case of a younger patient, a better cosmetic result would have been required, which would have raised serious questions in terms of facial remodeling techniques because of papilloma palatino tumor size and extensive bone destruction in vicinity of dura and the orbit.

Fronto-ethmoidal Mucocele as a cause of Unilateral Proptosis. Br J Ophthalmol.

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Giant mucocele of the frontal sinus. J Craniofac Surg. Mucoceles of the paranasal papilloma palatino with intracranial and intraorbital extension: Report of 28 cases. Frontal sinus mucoceles causing proptosis. Postoperatory clinical stage after 1st day case reports. Ann Acad Med Singapore ; Natvig K, Larsen T: Mucocele of the paranasal sinuses:retrospective clinical papilloma palatino histological study.

Laryngol Otol Craniofac Surg8. Har-El G: Endoscopic management of sinus mucoceles. Laryngoscope 12 A retrospective clinical and histological study. J Laryngol Otol.

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Irina-Maria Gheorghiu1, dr. Mihai Mitran2, papilloma palatino. Loredana Mitran3, dr. Ioana Suciu4, dr. Alexandru A. Iliescu5, prof. Andrei Iliescu6 1. The first system affected by a simple dental caries is dento-maxillary system itself and the changes vary in severity. A common way in which a carious process can induce systemic implications is the inflammatory and infectious complications of dental pulp.

Also, the evolution of a chronic periapical process located on the maxillary teeth papilloma palatino install a common and well known pathology: odontogenic sinusitis. Keywords: dental caries, endodontic local complications, sinusal complications Complicaţiile cariei dentare sunt evolutive şi ele se inter­ co­nec­tează, chiar dacă se răsfrâng asupra unor sisteme şi aparate diferite ale organismului uman.

O modalitate frecventă prin care un pro­ces carios poate induce papilloma palatino sistemice o reprezintă com­pli­caţiile inflamatorii şi infecţioase ale pulpei dentare. Prin evoluţia spaţială a unui proces cronic periapical localizat la dinţii maxilari se poate instala o patologie frecventă şi cunoscută: sinuzita de cauză odontogenă.

Cuvinte-cheie: carie dentară, complicaţii endodontice locale, complicaţii sinusale Dental caries is a plurifactorial disease of the calcified tissues of the tooth. It is one of the diseases with the highest prevalence seen in the human population, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age. Dental caries involves hard tissues of the tooth: enamel, dentin, and sometimes even cementum. It is characterized by demineralization of the inorganic component of dental tissues and disruption of organic constituent.

In this way, the cavity appears. Through its evolution, tooth papilloma palatino simply turns into a complicated dental caries, which interests dental pulp. Consequence of dental caries is therefore not only the destruction of hard dental structures, but also pulp inflammation and subsequent damage to the periodontal apical area. This occurs through the progression of the inflammatory process in combination with microorganisms that colonized the endodontic space.

All resident microorganisms of the mouth can invade the root canal space during necrosis and gangrene of the pulp, thus participating in pathological papilloma palatino which take place at this level. However, the flora isolated from endodontic space is more limited compared to the flora of the papilloma palatino cavity.

Papilloma palatino endodontic flora is not as complex as the oral or periodontal ones, some microbial species predominate as a the result of the existence of bacterial synergism. Dental caries represent itself the etiologic factor of various local, loco-regional and systemic pathology. The first consequences of the loss of dental hard tissues due to dental papilloma palatino are changes and disorders of the dento-maxillary system: there are alterations in phonation, physiognomy and mastication function.

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Dental caries, whether we are talking about chronic loss of hard dental tissues or the ones with acute character dental caries which develop rapidly or coronal fracture papilloma palatino a result of a carious processchange the morphology of papilloma palatino involved tooth and consequently modify the occlusal contacts with the antagonists teeth. In time another changes will occur in occlusal plane which will eventually turn into occlusal disharmonies and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

One of the early local consequence is the irreversible damage of the masticatory system and its negative effects on digestive function.

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The gastrointestinal disorders determine overall metabolic changes. Another very frequent local complications of dental caries are the affecting of the dental pulp and subsequent the pathology of the apical territory acute and chronic apical periodontitis.

Papilloma palatino sinusal pathology is a frequent consequence of these complications of dental caries in posterior maxilary teeth.

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Also, the initial disorder represented by tooth decay can induce systemic alterations e. The dental caries, even though considered a disease of minor importance, can trigger many other complications and disorders of the different organs and systems of the entire body. The most important and frequent papilloma palatino of dental caries is pulp inflammation in its acute papilloma palatino acute pulpitis, the most common, papilloma palatino chronic pulpitis.

Lack of endodontic treatment or improper treatment make it possible for other pathologies: periapical inflammation, known as acute apical periodontitis, or chronic apical periodontitis. The latter clinical entity, chronic apical periodontitis CAPis unfortunately a common and severe complication of advanced cavities which were not treated papilloma palatino. The chronic apical periodontitis can often lead to tooth loss.

Important loss of tooth hard structure as a result of dental caries tooth 46 Figure 2. Advanced dental caries with pulp complication tooth 23 References of the body. Locally it is responsible for odontogenic sinusitis, in maxillary posterior teeth. Chronic apical periodontitis can also lead to dental focal disease.

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This is a pathological condition characterized by a large variety of functional disorders and organic tissue alterations due to focal chronic infections. For here lies the importance that should be given to both corect diagnosis and also adequate endodontic treatment of pulp inflammation and papilloma palatino apical periodontitis.

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Papilloma palatino posterior teeth, the premolars and molars, have neighborly relations with the maxillary sinus. Thus, the maxillary sinus diseases are often a consequence of dental pathology in those teeth.

An untreated common papilloma palatino lateral tooth decay leads to further loss of pulp vitality, apical periodontal damage as a chronic apical periodontitis by its papilloma palatino and frequently causes odontogenic sinusitis. The morphofunctional alterations in apical teritory, as a consequence of loss of pulp vitaly in a complicated caries represent the etiology of odontogenic sinus disease: maxillary sinusitis and oro-antral communication.

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These pathological entities appear both as a result of evolution of chronic periapical processes, but at the same time due to high risk dental treatment maneuvers or incorrectly performed ones in the maxillary posterior teeth. The sinusal complications are related to local topography of posterior teeth, namely to the proximity of molars and premolars with maxillary sinus. The apical portion of the upper posterior teeth are situated at different distances to maxillary sinus, depending 1.

Aas J. Andreescu C. Editura Cerma, Bucureşti, A global perspective on changes in the helmintica significado of caries and periodontitis: implications for dentistry.

J Oral Rehabil. Odontogenic maxillary sinusitis based on overextension of root papilloma palatino filling material. Ned Tijdschr Tandheelkd. Treatment of pulps in teeth affected by deep caries - A systematic review of the literature.

Singapore Dent J. The human oral microbiome. J Bacteriol.

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papilloma palatino Gafar M. Status of bacterial colonization in infected root canal. Papilloma palatino apical periodontitis in the proximity of maxillary sinus tooth 14 on the location of the tooth in the dental arch and the root morphology of the tooth.

The maxillary sinus pathology as a local-regional complication of a dental caries appears thus as a result of: periapical lesions in posterior maxillary teeth; chronic apical periodontitis; radicular cysts; tooth abscesses etc.

Through their evolution, they can cause maxillary sinus infection indirectly by contiguity: colonization and progression of organisms is through the channels that makes the connection of alveolar bone process with sinus septum.

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Another way, the direct damage to the maxillary sinus, is due to a marked evolution of the osteolytic papilloma palatino lesion which destroys the sinusal wall between the infected root apex and the maxillary sinus. The pathology represented by a carious process is maintained and amplified when there is no adequate and proper instituted therapy which addresses both the initial lesion, and associated secondary disorders.

The treatment should correct in a complete and rigorous manner these impairments present in the mouth cavity or in other organs or systems of the body.

That is why it is a priority, for any dental practitioner who wants to perform an activity for the greatest papilloma palatino of the patient, to know, in their entirety, the main ways and means of developing complications of dental caries. Iliescu A.

Cariologie şi odontoterapie restauratoare.

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Medicală, Bucureşti, Marsh PD. Dental plaque as a biofilm and papilloma palatino microbial community - implications for health and disease. BMC Oral Health. PUFA — An index papilloma palatino clinical consequences of untreated dental caries. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. Popa MP, D. Carol Davila, Bucureşti, Clinical consequences of untreated dental caries evaluated using PUFA index in orphanage children from India.

J Int Oral Health. Wolff MS, Larson C.

Cum să arătați și cum să tratați papilomavirusul în gură: metode populare. Cavitatea orală

The cariogenic dental biofilm: good, bad or just something to papilloma palatino Dent Res J Isfahan. Lesion progression in post-treatment persistent endodontic lesions. J Endod. A multidisciplinary approach ENT, Laboratory, haematologist, general physician and nutritionist is mandatory for clinical and paraclinical evaluation Keywords: tonsillectomy, paraclinical tests Autorul trece în revistă investigațiile paraclinice uzuale re­co­mandate în cazul pacienților ce urmează a fi amigda­ lec­to­mi­zați, insistând asupra semnificației clinice a variației pa­to­lo­gice a papilloma palatino biochimice de laborator.

În ex­ plo­ra­rea clinică și paraclinică este necesară și obligatorie co­la­bo­ra­rea interdisciplinară a medicului ORL-ist cu me­ di­cul de laborator, hematolog, internist, nutriționist. Cuvinte-cheie: amigdalectomia palatină, analize paraclinice de laborator În cazul amigdalectomiei sau al oricărei alte intervenții chirurgicale, în prealabil este necesar a fi determinați anumiți parametri paraclinici, în regim à jeune adică la cel puțin 10 ore de la ingestia de alimente sau lichide.

În cazul amigdalectomiei este necesară și recoltarea exsudatului faringian înainte de toaleta bucală matinală. Amigdalectomia palatină se poate practica numai dacă tabloul paraclinic nu pune în evidență o amigdalită acută. Investigațiile uzuale recomandate în cazul pacienților ce urmează a fi amigdalectomizați sunt următoarele: Hemoleucograma completă cu frotiu sanguin Această investigație este papilloma palatino necesară pentru a evita intervenția chirurgicală pe un teren de amigdalită acută deci pe un teren infecțios.

Trebuie reamintit ce însemna o amigdalită palatină acută în perioada preantibiotică. VSH-ul mărit peste valorile mai-sus amintite trebuie să ne facă să ne gândim la complicații, infecții specifice sau teren neoplazic. De asemenea, trebuie să ne facă să ne gândim la o boală reumatică declanșată deja în speță, reumatismul poliarticular acut Boullaud-Sokolski.

Dacă în situația neoplaziei papilloma palatino este clară contraindicându-se intervenția chirurgicalăîn situația terenului reumatic, intervenția chirurgicală trebuie realizată sub protecția unei antibioterapii.

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O situație specială o constituie prezența flegmonului periamigdalian, în care atitudinea terapeutică trebuie neuroendocrine cancer medicine. Aderențele care se formează în urma cicatrizării procesului acut pot ridica probleme tehnice chirurgicale foarte mari.

Reacția cicatriceală poate fi atât de intensă și cicatricea atât de dură, încât decolarea în plan de clivaj este aproape imposibilă. În papilloma palatino cuprinsă între vârsta de 20 și 50 de ani există de obicei un echilibru imunitar prestabilit și apariția unei amigdalite este suspectă de proces neoplazic, situație care, firește, contraindică actul chirurgical.

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Totuși, în situația de necesitate, care impune amigdalectomia, se va pregăti terenul chirurgical în colaborare cu medicul hematolog. În situația în care se găsește un pacient hemofilic asociat cu focar amigdalian palatin care impune sancțiune chirurgicală, este obligatorie colaborarea cu medicul hematolog pentru a i se administra pacientului papilloma palatino intervenției chirurgicale ser antihemofilic.

Astfel, se observă în clinică cazuri cu TS relativ mărit, care nu sângerează deloc intrasau post-operator. Dar se observă și situația inversă, în care apare sângerare, cu toate că TS a fost normal. Din punctul de vedere al valorii, un timp de papilloma palatino ce depășește 5 minute este un semnal de alarmă, ceea ce necesită investigații suplimentare.