Cancer colon lymph nodes survival rate

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Source: Clujul Medical. Sep Supplement, p Abstract: Introduction:Lymph node status is the most important predictive factor in cancer of the colon. Sentinel node biopsy can proceed colon cancer from stage I to stage II, with consequences in the postoperative treatment.

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Adjuvant chemotherapy indicated in cases with nodal invasion significantly improves survival. Materials and methods:We used peritumoral subserosal injection of methylene blue dye for SLN identification, in cases of 40 patients operated with colon cancer in the First Surgery Clinic of County Hospital Mures.

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Whe used to detect metastases histological examination hematoxylin-eosin stain HE. If the sentinel lymph node was negative pN0 in routine staining with hematoxylin-eosin whe performed immunohistochemical examination with citokeratin IHC.

A total of lymph nodes were examined, of them have branded as a total of 76 sentinel nodes in average 1.

cancer colon lymph nodes survival rate

Conclusions:The use of sentinel lymph node examination and its identification using methylene blue is a feasible and accurate method. Whe exophytic papilloma of nose upstaging using immunohistochemistry IHC in 9 cases Biopsy sentinel node can proceed colon cancer from stage I to stage II, with consequences in the postoperative treatment.

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cancer colon lymph nodes survival rate

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