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Do not exceed the 5 kg capacity of Observe caution and safety notes! Direct current Dispose packaging and appliance in Type of current and voltage an environmentally-friendly way!

Batteries should not be disposed Wear protective gloves.

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Please keep these instructions 9 Warts treatment at clicks compartment cover in a safe place. If you hand this product on to a 10 Contact third party, you must also pass on all documents 11 Timer display relating to warts treatment at clicks product. It is not intended for weighing medi- 1 g - 5 kg kilograms cation or prohibited materials.

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Any use other than Graduation: 0. Misuse may also result in other life-threatening Tolerance: ± 2 °C risks and injury. This can result in injury and damage that it contains all parts and that the appliance is in to the product.

Repairs must be carried out by perfect condition. Make sure that anyone intending to 1 x weighing bowl use the product has read the operating manual 2 x lithium batteries and is capable of operating the product safely.

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In this case, briefly remove the batteries from the product and insert them again. There is otherwise a risk of fatal injury by suffocation.

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Keep knowledge or experience required to use the batteries out of the reach of children. Do not leave electrical appliance, or who have limited batteries lying around.

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There is a risk of children or physical, sensory or mental capabilities, must animals swallowing them. Consult a doctor immedi- not use the appliance without supervision ovarian cancer news 2019 ately if a battery is swallowed.

Much more than documents.

Never times to prevent them playing with the appliance. Never throw batteries scale.

warts treatment at clicks

This could damage the product. The batteries may explode. Other- - strong vibrations, wise there is an increased risk of leakage.

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Otherwise there is an increased risk of - magnetic fields, leakage. This could hinder the internal data ex- used and new batteries together.

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J Check regularly that the batteries are not leaking. Make sure that you do cases you must wear suitable protective gloves. Make sure that the polari- and consult a doctor immediately.

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This is indicated in the battery compartment. The batteries can otherwise explode. The product can otherwise be damaged.

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If you place the household waste but take them to a designated weighing bowl 1 on warts treatment at clicks kitchen scale 2 before collection depot for special waste. However, if you place the weighing bowl 1 on the kitchen scale 2 after you have switched it on, Q Getting started the scale will indicate the weight of the weighing bowl 1. Press the zero button 7 to reset the dis- 1. Press the battery food in the selected unit of weight.

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Q Replacing batteries 1. The set time is counted down in weighing bowl 1. This is indicated by the temperature display 12 in °C. The LCD readout 5 The batteries are empty.

Q Cleaning not in the household waste. To remove more stubborn dirt, you can also dampen the cloth with a Faulty or used batteries must be recycled in accord- weak soap solution.

These can dam- collection points.

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This can damage the product. Pb of the batteries!

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Batteries may not be disposed of with the usual do- Q Disposal mestic waste. That is why you should dispose of refuse disposal authority for more details of used batteries at a local collection point.