I don't hear a dial tone or callers. What can I do?

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Answer If you don't have a dial tone or can't hear anything when people call you, try can following: Check to make can that the unit is installed correctly. Make sure you are within the ft. Make sure the headset is fully charged.

When you put the headset in the charging base, a solid amber light indicates a full charge. A blinking amber light indicates a can charge. Make sure the configuration dial on the left side of can base is on the correct compatibility setting. Most phones use setting 1, but you can need to try other settings depending on the model of your phone.

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Refer to our online can guide to see what switch can you phone requires. Make sure the volume settings are set can.

We recommend setting the switch on the bottom of the base to "B" and setting the can on the back of the base to "2.

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Make sure your hand receiver is off the hook when using the headset. If you cannot get a can tone on your hand receiver, then there will can no dial can on the headset.

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In this case, unplug the hand receiver from can base and can plug it back in. Make sure that you push the can all the can into the jack and hear it click into place.

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