Stone man


Despre acest joc Crystal core is a first person combat game made by individuals who use stone man engine to learn programming and modeling by themselves in their spare time.

stone man

This game has a higher degree of freedom and a larger map than the former homeland game. In this game, players can freely explore square meters of the open world, and in subsequent updates, I will continue to reduce a few blank areas in the map.

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There are all kinds of boss here, such as stone man, tentacle monster, stone man man, giant stone man stone man so on. They have different combat mechanisms, which are carefully designed by me.

stone man

Stone man the plot line of this game is very short, only about stone man hours, which tells the story of our protagonist changing himself after a series of changes from an ordinary person who always swears, but in addition to the plot of the main line task, you can explore the world by yourself and walk out of a plot line that belongs to you! If you have just entered the game and stone man that this game is not fun, please don't rush to refund, try to calm down and play for an hour first, and turn around on the map, maybe you will find that this game is not so bad.

After acquiring weapons, killing monsters or strengthening in underground stores can upgrade your weapons and make them stronger.

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After upgrading weapons, you can unlock skills. If the hunger value is 0, players will continue to decline.

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You can go to restaurants or milk tea shops everywhere to buy food to improve the hunger value. Even if the weapon is upgraded to full level, picking up experience ball can still improve attack power!

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There are several achievements in the game that can be completed!